Panko Crusted Whitefish with Beurre Blanc

Panko Crusted Whitefish with Beurre Blanc

This recipe we are sharing is very special to us. It's inspired from our favorite restaurant-Tutta Pesca, in Hoboken,NJ. The idea for Dock to Table was born over dinner at this restaurant/fish market. Tommy and I were there the very first week it opened. We shared panko crusted halibut and seafood linguini with fra diavola sauce. The food was phenomenal, we both agreed it was the best meal we had ever had. The owner pulled up a chair and shared with us that his family had been part of the seafood industry for over 90 years. Mr. Cara spent time talking with us and shared his passion for having the freshest seafood available. We started to reflect on the fresh seafood we had experienced from our time living on the coast of South Carolina. Why can't we get seafood this fresh, back home in West Virginia? It's only half a days drive to the coast, but the seafood we have access to-is either imported or frozen, maybe both. We want to share fresh, healthy, and delicious seafood with the people we love. We came up with our version of their recipe and use it with any white fish. This week we used sea bream and paired it with asparagus and mashed potatoes. The rich beurre blanc sauce recipe is a must in every kitchen, it goes perfectly with almost every seafood dish. We love it and are excited it with you.


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