Scallop Salad

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

This recipe was Respectfully submitted by Kevin and Carol Meadows. We are so excited to try it with our Nantucket Lighthouse Sea Scallops and we appreciate the submission!

One pound scallops Fresh thyme One large red onion Two naval oranges Eight ounces spinach or spring mix One ounce sliced almonds or walnuts Four ounces sherry cooking wine

Step one: Plate salad greens and add nuts Step two: Slice red onion long ways, slice oranges in half, cut each half into quarters- remove peels and set aside, remove approximately half teaspoon thyme sprigs Step three: in two sauce pans use good quality cooking oil, turn on medium high heat In the first sauce pan add red onion and thyme. Heat until onions begin to soften. At that time add scallops to second sauce pan. Add sherry to first sauce pan. Add oranges to first sauce pan and reduce heat. Flip scallops in second sauce pan and cook to desired texture. Step four: When scallops are finished turn off heat, turn off heat to the onion orange mixture. Pour onion, orange mix over salad greens and top with scallops. Serve with favorite bread. Serves two people


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