About us

Dock to Table Provision Company is family owned and operated by the Scott family of Bridgeport, WV.  After residing in Charleston, South Carolina and  traveling to other coastal towns, our passion for seafood followed us back home to the mountains of West Virginia.

The idea was born at our favorite Italian restaurant & fish market in Hoboken, N.J.   As we enjoyed the most delicious meal we had ever tasted, we agreed that we are too close to the coast, to not have fresh seafood like this at home. The restaurant owner sat down with us and shared his family story, they have been in the seafood industry for over 90 years. He shared his passion for having the freshest catch in town. A seed was planted in our hearts which grew into an idea in our minds. 

We spent the next two years traveling coastlines building relationships with fisherman and processors. These relationships formed our company culture and that drives us to provide fresh, sustainable seafood to our customers. 

We travel to the coast every week to hand pick and deliver the freshest seafood available to our local community and surrounding areas. Our Farmer’s Market style distribution process allows us to service multiple locations and provide access to top quality sustainable seafood.




8000 Jerry Dove Dr. Ste 108

Bridgeport, WV 26330